100 Jewish Men 2017-2018


100 Jewish Men - 16th YEAR



100 Jewish Men is a group of men dedicated to improving themselves and each other as men, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, friends and Jews. Through controversial, thought-provoking speakers and small group discussions, we will explore what usually remains unspoken in men’s lives at work and at home. For our 16th year we have an incredible lineup planned and we hope you choose to be part of it.  All programs at CBY unless indicated otherwise.

All dinners - 6:30 pm followed by programs at 7:00 pm

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Thursday,       October 19, 2017

Mitzvot & Miracles

Michael Segal

Significant other invited



After sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in 1981 at age 19, CBY member, Michael Jordan Segal, defied all odds by first surviving, then becoming a positive productive member of society. His life changed forever when he was shot in the head as a sophomore in college. Mike still graduated with high honors from the University of Texas and completed graduate school where he received his MSW. He has many disabilities as a result; however, he shows families and patients at a Trauma Hospital in Houston (as well as others when he lectures throughout the country) that even though life is "different," it can be full and joyous. Mike is an active member of CBY and has shared his story of recovery throughout the country. One of the biggest "miracles" of all is his family: his wife Sharon, daughter Shawn, parents Rabbi Jack and Toby Segal, siblings with their wives, in-laws, Sharon's siblings ... Also, a "huge part of his family," he states, "is Beth Yeshurun." For more on Michael, please go to www.inspirationbymike.com.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Israel: A Future Vision 

Dr. Steven Bayme



Israel and the Jewish people are undergoing significant evolution in terms of their respective demographics, politics and identity. American Jews and Israelis appear to be pulling away from one another towards respective possibly irreconcilable poles of universal values of liberalism and particularistic values of survivalism. From the 1950s "Israel in need" model to the "heroic" model of Exodus and the Six Day War to current ambivalence re "occupation" and a looming Haredi demographic ascendency, American Jews have differed over how they perceive Israel as a state of the Jewish people. In this session we will attempt to delineate what American Jews mean by a Jewish state and probe how that vision compares (or those visions compare) with Israel's current and future realities. Dr. Steven Bayme serves as Director of the Contemporary Jewish Life Department of the American Jewish Committee and of the Koppelman Institute on American JewishIsraeli Relations. He has a PhD in Jewish history from Columbia University. He has been widely cited in the media on Jewish communal issues and was profiled in Lifestyles magazine. Three times he has been named in the Forward's annual list of the top 50 Jewish leaders who "make a difference." 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Is it really safe to travel?

Dr. Peter Tarlow 

At Genesis Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Dr. Peter Tarlow will discuss challenges the West is facing regarding tourism and terrorism and provide insights into safe travel practices. Tarlow was director and rabbi of Texas A&M Hillel for 30 years. He is a world-renowned speaker and expert specializing in the impact of crime and terrorism on the tourism industry. Since 1990, Tarlow has taught courses on Tourism, Crime and Terrorism to police forces and both security and tourism professionals throughout the world. Tarlow has worked with numerous US government agencies including US Customs, FBI agents for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and the US Dept. of Homeland Security. He has also worked with Vancouver's Justice Institute (preparing for the 2010 Olympic Games), and with police departments of the state of Rio de Janeiro (for the 2014 World Cup Games). Tarlow is a contributing author to multiple books on tourism security, and publishes numerous academic and applied research articles regarding issues of security.

Wednesday,   January 17, 2018

Medicine after the Holocaust 

Dr. Sheldon Rubenfeld



Nazi doctors, the best in the world at the time, played a central role in the design and implementation of the Holocaust as they attempted to accelerate Darwin's theory of natural selection and quickly develop a Master Race. The USA, the world's leader in eugenics, provided moral, legislative and philanthropic models for the Nazi political program of Applied Biology. There are many challenging lessons to be learned from the medical ethics of the Holocaust and America's response to the Nuremberg Doctor's Trial and the Nuremberg Code. Sheldon Rubenfeld, MD, FACP, FACE is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and Executive Director of the Center for Medicine after the Holocaust.

Wednesday,   February 21, 2018

A Night with Spencer Tillman

At Kenny & Ziggy's (Galleria Location)



After an eight-year career in the NFL, Spencer Tillman now serves as the lead studio analyst for CBS Sports coverage of College Football Today and the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. In the past, he was sports anchor for KPRC-TV Houston. Tillman published his first book, Scoring the Red Zone: How to Lead Successfully When the Pressure is On, in 2005. A freshman all-American running back for the University of Oklahoma, Tillman was captain of the 1985 national championship team. In 1987, Tillman was drafted from the Sooners by the Houston Oilers where he played for two seasons. 

Sunday,             March 18, 2018

Men’s Model Passover Seder at

United Orthodox Synagogues 

Rabbi Brian Strauss & Others

We will experience what it means to be a Jewish man today as we come together with our friends at UOS to eat, laugh and share our beer and steak! Together we'll celebrate our freedom as Jews and as men!



Wednesday,          May 16, 2018

In the Sands of Sinai - a Physician's Account of the Yom Kippur War 

Dr. Itzhak Brook


Our captivating speaker will present a description of the historical background of the Yom Kippur War and its effects on the Israeli society, as well as his own personal experiences and challenges as a battalion physician in the Sinai. He plans to speak on the

physical and psychological traumas his soldiers had to cope with, the effect of religion on them, the cost of war in human life and suffering, and the daily struggle for survival in the difficult war which threatened Israel's existence. Itzhak Brook, MD, MSc, is a Professor of Pediatrics at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. He served in the Israeli army as a medic in the Six Day War in 1967 and as a battalion physician during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. He served in the medical corps of the US Navy for 27 years. Brook has authored several hundred publications in scientific journals and ten textbooks. Brook is a speaker for the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC on the Yom Kippur War.


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