High Holy Days



High Holidays Aliyot & Kibbudim information sheet

Information about High Holy Day Tickets

I know that there are steps I need to take in order to settle my account and receive my tickets. What do I do?

Contact Mindi Stern at [email protected] or click here to make an appointment. In order to receive tickets, all accounts must be settled by Friday, September 7th at 5:00pm.

High Holy Day Appeal


Thank you Dan and Ellen Trachtenberg for this deeply personal message about the importance of values, tradition and the preservation of our Jewish faith. We are exceptionally honored to be your Jewish home.

Marian and Gabi Braun, their son Dan and his wife, Taryn are active members of the Houston Jewish community. Dedicated to their service in the community, the Braun family has supported the Emery Weiner School, AIPAC, the Jewish Federation and Congregation Beth Yeshurun.  Their family is intimately tied to our synagogue as this is where it all began.  Marian and Gabi were married by Rabbi Segal and sent their son to Beth Yeshurun Day School.  Dan and Taryn now raise their four boys in our synagogue. The family’s connection to Beth Yeshurun is truly beautiful.

Our lives are filled with a series of celebratory occasions as well as trials. As Rina, Elias, Moises and Rafael Camhi, illustrate, Beth Yeshurun serves as a welcoming spiritual home.

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