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INVITATION TO JUDAISM with Rabbi Steve Morgen (Sundays 9:00 AM)

At Beth Yeshurun, we have a program that enables newcomers to Judaism to learn the basics of our way of life, our way of thinking about God, and our way of looking at the world. The program is called An Invitation to Judaism, and is coordinated by Rabbi Morgen. The program involves classes that are taught on Sunday mornings beginning in September and continuing through May. One hour is devoted to a topic of Jewish belief, history, or practice. A second hour is devoted to learning the Hebrew alphabet and word pronunciation. Click here for class schedule.


Books are required and available for purchase the first day of class.  Please register by email here.

Book List

Diamant, Anita Choosing a Jewish Life (Schocken)  ($12)

Kushner, Harold To Life!  ($10)

Robinson, George Essential Judaism – A Complete Guide to Beliefs, Customs and Rituals ($14) 

Jewish Study Bible – Tanakh Translation with commentary – Oxford ($27)

Telushkin, Joseph Jewish Literacy($20)

Samuel Sandmel We Jews and Jesus ($12)

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