Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Congregation Beth Yeshurun also holds true to the Jewish Lifestyle, Culture and Traditions within our community.



“Bar Mitzvah” literally means “son of the commandment.” “Bar” is son, “Mitzvah” is “commandment”, and “Bat” is daughter in Hebrew. B'nai is plural for either "2 boys" or "a boy & girl" having a "Bar" or "Bat" Mitzvah at the same time. B'not is plural for "2 girls" having a "Bat" Mitzvah at the same time. 



What is the purpose ?

Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a public affirmation to a rite of passage from Jewish youth to adulthood. At the age of 13 (12 for girls), the celebrant becomes obligated to observe the commandments. During the Shabbat Services on a Saturday the celebrant is called up to the Torah to recite a blessing over the weekly reading, and chant the Haftarah. Its important to note that a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is not the goal of a Jewish education, nor is it a graduation ceremony marking the end of a person’s Jewish Education.


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