Sulam (7th Grade)

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Sulam strives to meet the needs of Congregation Beth Yeshurun teenagers by providing a relevant and increasingly sophisticated continuation of their Jewish education during their Bar/Bat Mitzvah year and post Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Through educational, spiritual and community programs, Sulam helps students increase their Judaic knowledge and strengthen their connection both to Beth Yeshurun and Am Yisrael. Our school is a place in which teens can continue to foster a positive Jewish identity, and develop a personal relationship with God and a lifelong commitment to Jewish learning, Israel and the Jewish people. 

The word “Sulam” means ladder in Hebrew, and Sulam is the next step on our students' Jewish educational journey.  In Fall, 2012, Sulam was created as a special program for our 7th and 8th graders. With the formation of Kehillah High that includes 8th graders, Sulam continues as a special program for our 7th grade students.

Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a major step along a lifelong Jewish journey. As our students mature, it is important that they continue their Jewish education in a setting that meets their cognitive, social, and emotional development. We are pleased to engage our 7th grade students in their own program designed to meet their unique needs.

Sulam Highlights:

  • Learning about Judaism and its relevance to students' lives
  • Light breakfast every Sunday
  • Mitzvah Projects
  • Field trips
  • Social opportunities
  • Guest speakers


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