Together, Let's Rebuild Beth Yeshurun!


Main entrance of Congregation Beth Yeshurun Named in Honor of Rabbi David B. Rosen


The main entrance of the newly rebuilt Congregation Beth Yeshurun shall be named in honor of Rabbi David B. Rosen. Rabbi Rosen, who has served our Congregation for over 22 years, has dedicated his professional life to our synagogue, and as such, it is only fitting that the entrance to our spiritual home be named in his honor.

Funds donated in support of this Flood Recovery effort will be utilized to provide our students and our families with their much needed facilities and books to bring our Jewish community back together and become whole. As the largest Conservative synagogue in the United States, we are determined to rebuild! 

Gifts to the Beth Yeshurun Recovery Effort may be made by check, credit card, gifts of appreciated securities, life insurance beneficiary designation or through any foundation.  Pledges of $25,000 or more can be paid over 3 years and pledges of $50,000 or more can be paid over 5 years.  All donations are tax-deductible.

If you are interested in supporting Rabbi Rosen’s dedicated entrance and our flood recovery effort, please contact Jennifer-Joy Sutton, Director of Development at 832-729-6240 or  [email protected]  




Dedicating the entrance to our spiritual home in honor of Rabbi David B. Rosen

Celebrating over two decades as our rabbi and a lifetime of friendship






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